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Improve production performance with automated, real-time metrics.

Flex is the fast, simple, and visual way to understand your manufacturing.

It's everything your team needs to uncover insights

and make continuous improvements.

So you decided it's time for a change. Smart.

Capabilities with Flex:
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Accelerate your digital transformation and become a Smart Factory.

What level are you at today?
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Our Services

Transform data into actionable insights that will produce value.

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  • Equipment Metrics

  • Operator Metrics

  • Job Metrics

  • Shift Metrics

  • Target-Based OEE

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  • Alerts & Notifications

  • Visual Dashboards

  • Excel Reporting

  • Advanced Analytics

  • ERP Integration

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  • Continuously improve

  • Consistent Throughput

  • Certain of Scheduling

  • Control Capacity

  • Confident workforce

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Eliminate manual, error-prone, and delayed data collection by connecting directly with your shop floor equipment.

Enhance team performance and accountability with scorecards & dashboards.

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Maximize productivity and profits based on decisions from advanced analytics.

Become more proactive (and less reactive) with real-time visual monitoring & alert notifications.

Customer Success Story:

Over-Production Waste

A Top 5 U.S. Printer engaged Flex Metrics to reduce over-production waste in their press room.  Operators were responsible for manually stopping their press at the “target” count. Not wanting to be “written up” for shorting the target, operators would overrun their press (sometimes for several minutes) resulting in significant over production. FLEX CountControl module automatically stops production as “targets” are hit. The result for the client was an immediate 95+ percent reduction in over-production waste – a $150,000 savings annually.

Customer Success Stories

You're in good company.

Flex is trusted on 1000s of lines at many of the best manufacturing brands.

Industry Insight:
The New Culture of Smart Manufacturing

"Technologies aren’t really the sticking point for digital transformation—it’s change. Which comes first? Process or culture?"

- AutomationWorld

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