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We combine decades of systems integration experience with an award-winning software platform to help clients accelerate their digital transformation towards a culture of Operational Excellence.

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We have helped many clients and are on over 1,000 lines. We don’t just understand technology, we understand teams. We focus on the data you’ll actually use, resulting in better daily operations workflows.

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More data isn’t always valuable. We eliminate the excess and focus on the metrics you actually use.

Real-time data means higher productivity and that’s a return on investment you can see first-hand. 

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We’re passionate about customer support. When you join Flex, you gain access to valuable community resources, support tools, site support data, audits, alerts, upgrades, and more.

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• Automated Data Collection

• Advanced Analytics & Reporting

• Enhanced Visibility & Dashboards

• Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

• Workforce Engagement

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Customer Success Story:

Over-Production Waste

A Top 5 U.S. Printer engaged Flex Metrics to reduce over-production waste in their press room.  Operators were responsible for manually stopping their press at the “target” count. Not wanting to be “written up” for shorting the target, operators would overrun their press (sometimes for several minutes) resulting in significant over production. FLEX CountControl module automatically stops production as “targets” are hit. The result for the client was an immediate 95+ percent reduction in over-production waste – a $150,000 savings annually.

Flex is the fast, simple, and visual way to understand your manufacturing. It's everything your team needs to uncover insights and make continuous improvements.