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Flex-Metrics Celebrates 25 Years of Smart Manufacturing

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Jay Foster in front of products counted using Flex-Metric software
Jay Foster, founder, owner, and CTO of Flex-Metrics with products that count on Flex

Roanoke VA, Feb 28, 2023 -- Flex-Metrics is celebrating 25 years of Smart Manufacturing innovations focused on more effective frontline leadership execution.

Market leaders ranging from SOLO Cup to Energizer to Revlon leverage the Flex software platform to meet their supply chain challenges more consistently with

higher margins. Post-pandemic trends to onshore manufacturing back to the USA, along with a shortage of skilled workers, are resulting in exciting growth opportunities for the automation tools provided by Flex.

Founded as SoftSolutions in 1998 by Jay Foster, Flex-Metrics has continuously evolved but the mission of providing easy access to trustworthy information has remained constant. Flex is an award-winning software solution for extracting real-time productivity data directly from manufacturing equipment and turning that data into valuable, actionable information.

Flex acts like an activity tracker that can snap onto virtually any production line. Cloud-based tools can now be used to quickly build scorecards and dashboards that help decision-makers identify opportunities to improve collaboration and reduce risks within their production process.

Market trends such as the Internet of Things [IoT] and the Fourth Industrial Revolution [Industry 4.0] that leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are poised to fundamentally change the manufacturing sector in the years ahead. Flex-Metrics is well-positioned to take advantage of these trends.

“This combination of market demand for shop-floor automation, along with the exciting evolution of cloud-based technologies, provides an excellent opportunity to leverage our quarter century of experience in this space to help even more market leaders within the global manufacturing sector,” says Jay Foster, founder, and CTO of Flex-Metrics.

The last year has seen some remarkable added functionality to their software which includes Flex-Insights, a cloud-based reporting platform; Flex-Andon, a real-time production feedback solution; and a multi-lingual interface for clients operating across 5 countries. These new modules help to increase numeracy and data-driven decisions for clients, something the whole Flex team feels very passionate about.

On March 2nd, Flex will be hosting a closed event to mark the occasion with colleagues, partners, vendors, and clients as a thank-you for helping them reach this 25-year milestone of service.



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